Latest News Wednesday, May 06, 2020

SMARTconverter 3 scores on sustainability

From November 2020 42 Metropolis trains of Alstom Transport will be equipped with the SMARTconverter 3 of type 140 kVA + 20 KW. Low energy consumption, a high degree of recyclability, technical reliability and easy maintainability were the criteria that led to the selection of SMARTconverter 3 made by Dinghan SMART for the new vehicles of lines 1 and 3 of Barcelona Metro, Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB).


About Dinghan SMART Railway Technology GmbH
Dinghan SMART Railway Technology GmbH develops and manufactures innovative auxiliary power converters for international rolling stock. The product portfolio ranges from single devices such as battery chargers or air conditioning inverters to complete auxiliary power converters for passenger cars and multiple-unit trains. The system technology is suitable for a variety of applications and characterized by innovative power electronics, high reliability, and robustness. The subsidiary of Beijing Dinghan Technology Group Co., Ltd. has its headquarters in Kassel in the center of Germany.

About Beijing Dinghan Technology Group
Beijing Dinghan Technology Group Co. Ltd. is a leading Chinese manufacturer of railway technology systems. The group’s product portfolio covers rail infrastructure and rolling stock. With a number of R&D centers, production and sales sites, Beijing Dinghan offers both mobility and high-tech solutions. Beijing Dinghan Technology Group Co. Ltd. employs approximately 1,800 staff worldwide. In 2018, the stock-listed company generated a turnover of almost 180 million Euro.