Responsible action is directed by SMART Railway Technology GmbH in its daily work. The pursuit of profitable growth goes hand in hand with the observance of the requirements of the Code of Conduct of the "Verband der Deutschen Bahnindustrie" (VDB).

Therefore, we at SMART Railway Technology GmbH undertake to:

  • commit to continuous development and research to help find increasingly efficient solutions for the energy supply in rail transport, which we consider to be the transportation means of the future; 
  • avoid any risk to people and the environment caused by our business activities and to take immediate and adequate measures in case of an incident; 
  • observe the interaction with others and handling of resources at our premises in a responsible fashion as our duty and to manage and promote precautionary measures also outside our company; 
  • ensure that everybody concerned or involved is informed about necessary safety precautions for the manufacture and operation of our products through warnings, relevant technical documentation and specific training; 
  • at a minimum, meet all legal requirements and obligations and, where required, to establish internal standards to ensure the highest possible level of responsible corporate governance including energy management, environmental protection, occupational health and safety; 
  • verify compliance with standards as well as our processes through regular internal and external audits to help us recognize potential for improvement and carry on improving and evolving; 
  • always cooperate with authorities, suppliers and customers in order to do justice to our shared social responsibility; 
  • involve all our employees in our endeavors and encourage their participation.

We as General Managers of SMART Railway Technology GmbH confirm that we accept the obligations of SMART Railway Technology GmbH and do everything in our power to ensure that they are implemented and practiced in our everyday operations.

Infosheet Company Policy
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