11.07.2024, 12:04

SMARTconverter 3 for CAF's Civity platform

The vehicle manufacturer CAF has ordered 21 SMARTconverter 3 for regional trains on the Civity platform. The auxiliary power converters of type 140 kVA + 20 kW will be used in the local trains of the Dutch...   mehr

29.02.2024, 10:20

Proven SMARTconverter 3 for the Bilbao Metro

As with the Mallorca metro, vehicle manufacturer CAF has ordered ten SMARTconverter 3 type 140/20 units for the electric multiple units of the Bilbao metro. The identical auxiliary power converters will be...   mehr

09.01.2024, 13:38

SMART Railway presents PV2Rail

SMART Railway Technology GmbH presents PV2Rail, a purpose-build photovoltaic inverter designed to feed directly into the 16.7 Hz traction power network. This innovation enables the direct utiliziation of...   mehr

15.11.2023, 08:55

SMARTconverter LIGHT for modernizations

The SMARTconverter LIGHT is a lightweight, energy-efficient, quiet and practically maintenance-free auxiliary power converter for trams and light rail vehicles. It was developed with a focus on the...   mehr

05.10.2023, 11:08

SMARTconverter LIGHT for the new light rail vehicles for Bonn

The vehicle manufacturer CAF ordered 64 SMARTconverter LIGHT for the new light rail vehicles in Bonn. The auxiliary power converters will be used for Stadtwerke Bonn GmbH (SWB) and the Elektrische Bahnen der...   mehr

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