Protection of pointing persons

Responsible action guides SMART Railway Technology GmbH in its daily work. The pursuit of profitable growth goes hand in hand with compliance with laws and the requirements of the Code of Conduct of the German Railway Industry Association (VDB).

We offer our employees and business partners access to a protected mechanism within the scope of legal regulations to confidentially report possible violations of Union law as well as the principles of this Code of Conduct.

We have set up a complaints procedure for this purpose. This offers the opportunity to report complaints and indications of violations of laws and, in particular, human rights and environmental risks as well as violations of human rights or environmental obligations. Complaints and hints can be sent by e-mail to:

It is also possible to send them by post:

SMART Railway Technology GmbH
Miramstrasse 87
34123 Kassel

After receipt of the complaints and hints, they are examined and forwarded to the responsible persons for further processing. If the data situation allows, we then seek contact with the person providing the information in order to discuss the facts and to be able to initiate the necessary measures to clarify the situation.

All complaints and hints are treated confidentially and in strict compliance with data protection regulations. Anonymised reports are processed with the same priority.